About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!
My name is Elena. I am leaving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Originally coming from far far away Siberia of Russian Federation.
My cooking journey started long ago from a couple of attempts to make some eatable snacks - it was not so  eatable though. So i gave up for a long while. I realized that i can't even make dried eggs :-( Few years of surviving on fast food and home deliveries (thank god we have pretty descent foods all over) - i came to realize that i am ready for a second attempt. So i started. It was i guess summer 2009 or around there. I was like crazy searching around websites - collecting recipes, reading about technics and watching videos. Beginning was pretty though again - burned meat, undercooked rice, hard meet, burned cakes etc... a lot went wrong i would say! You know? some people say that they are granted talent to do something (like cooking) - and everything comes naturally to them? So, i am not one of those. I learned the hard way of probes and mistakes. And now after almost a year - i can say that i am finally on the beginner's stage of cooking challenge! My food is tasty most of the time, a i am keen to try new recipes and majority of dishes coming out just right. So still long way to go and many aspects to perfect!
I have a really sweet and loving boyfriend, his name is Khaled and he is the only one judge of all my cooking creations. Have to give him credit though for eating all those uneatable examples of my experiments! Thanks Khaled for good appetite and support!

Wish me luck :-) and hope you will find something useful on the pages of this blog.