Sunday, February 13, 2011

Change You Life: Part I - Came to Realize

I love food! I love all different cuisine, flavors, exotic ingredients, sweets and chocolates! I used to enjoy ordering pizza to the house with loads of cheese and mushrooms! I was indulging into sweet ice cream during shopping... Ahh... I am sure there are so many woman like me out there - who knows what i am talking about.

Recently I started reading a lot about healthy lifestyle, foods and fitness. I realized that time has come to become more healthy and start paying off my body for all the bad stuff (alcohol, bad food choices, unhealthy sleeping routine and lack of exercises) I did.

I did not straggle from much overweight to come to realize that my body and soul in need of detox. It just appeared to me because of i started thinking of family planning with my beloved husband and by the God's will to extend our family.

Firstly - I quit smoking in August 2010 via method "cold turkey" - it did not do any good though - i became very nervous and put on weight, what was making me even more nervous (poor husband - he had to go through all this). Then I got addicted to shisha (if anyone have ever tried it - they would say that this is even more damaging for lungs then regular cigarettes). After struggling like this for a while I figured that i might take my weight and tobacco cravings under control by doing heavy cardio and pumping in the gym. I was there every other day for 1,5 hours, even oh the weekend and managed to shed off a couple of pounds. But it was exhausting and time by time I was becoming very nervous and stressed over simplest things. I was very off balance - mentally and physically. I needed something to get myself together...

And there, it came to me - i had to look deep into root of my lifestyle - not just picking from the top. And I randomly did...

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