Monday, February 21, 2011

Change Your Life Part II - Start Off Detox

I was making a lot of research - i was looking and all possibly related to the subject themes - most of the websites everybody knows about - Massive WebMD , Candida Diet & Detox , Fran's Ayurveda Blog , Recipes on Whole Foods Market and many many more... I also got some book on yoga and Low GI Diet.
I figured that the only one way to become healthy and wake up fresh is to eat right food. I was also previously suffering from recurrent Candida infection - which also was one of the main pushes to start becoming healthy eater.
First off all i decided to start off Detox and Colon Cleansing. Here some few point on it:
1. Quite a few clinics doing it in Dubai - I chose the semi-governmental one Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre .Some more information on the procedure you can see here.
2. Start preparing for this in advance by following easy detox plan. I could not afford following harsh process of not eating for 7 days as advised On Candida Diet website . So I just limited food intake to only vegetables, vegetable soups and drunk 2 Phsillium Husk Drinks during my first Colonic Session.
3. Repeat Colonic Hydrotherapy at least 3 times - once every week. All the week I was opting for light meals, consisting mainly from vegetables or fish (the easiest to digest). 72 hours after colonic are the most sensitive - so be really strict of what you eat in otherwise stomach will have quite a trouble to digest.
During this 3 weeks of colon cleanse - I was prescribed to take Probiotics - twice daily 1,000 mg, and dietary fiber blend - 2 scoops at night time. All this to help my body to restore micro flora of my intestine. Also I was taking one capsule of "Gut Cleanse" Formula three times daily on empty stomach (i still have some of those pills - which i keep on taking one to two pills daily just for sake of finishing the box).
Some more points on detox plan:
- Drink a lot of Detox Tea or Detox Drink or Vegetable Soup during the day in addition to plenty of bottled water.
- Book spa of your choice and go there for detoxifying massage/body wrap,
- Also do not forget to hop in the sauna for a few sweats. Sauna - is called to be one of the most beneficial options to get rid of all the toxins in body.
- Dry brash with natural brash everyday before shower. Dry Brushing Technique is well described here After this three weeks - i felt better - I had less craving for foods (or did not have at all), more energy, my skin cleared up, my stool became more regular. Overall experience was fantastic - I felt and i did finally something really good for my body and my body was responding quite well.

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