Monday, February 21, 2011

My Schedule

I wake up at 7:30 or 8:00 am every day.

Have ½ litter of room temperature water on empty stomach, while sitting on the bed. Do not rush to get out of bed too quickly – let blood flow slowly after awakening. Sit-down on the side of the bed and count till 20 - since it takes 9 seconds for blood flow to come back to normal after sleep. And never drink cold water – even during the day.

Start preparing breakfast porridge on the stove, while doing my bathroom routine.

Have Breakfast minimum after ½ hour after your water in the morning. Or most of the time I am packing my breakfast with me and heading for yoga practice. I would have eaten my breakfast ½ hour after Yoga or Pilates. It should be well balanced protein/carbohydrates breakfast. I will give my menus and recipes later on.

Lunch is normally at 1 pm – not to let myself go too hungry. It is normally going under best food plate guide: ½ - vegetables cooks or raw, 1/3 – healthy non-gluten grains, 1/3 – lean protein from animal or non-animal source.

Brief walk after and before lunch.

Around 4-5 pm I am normally going hungry again. So it is time for a healthy power snack – like nuts, toasted buckwheat or quinoa crisps, nuts, vegetable sticks, avocado shake (with apples or with skimmed milk), nuts etc.

I go home after work, dry brush my body with natural brush followed by nice comfortable shower.

Then I start preparing dinner, which normally have at 8:30 pm.

11:00 I am normally in bed, just relaxing and not distracting myself with any actions or thoughts. Put some lavender/chamomile oil mixture in to the aroma oil lamp to relax.

I am asleep most of the days before midnight, to let my body fully regenerate.

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