Monday, February 21, 2011

CYL Part III: Challenges and New Plan

Now after my body eliminated a lot of toxins, I had to think on Diet Plan suitable for me to mentain healthy living.

I am not a big dieting person myself. Meaning I cannot avoid eating some products strictly, life for example they suggest in Candida Diet. It would be impossible for me to do. I also studied Atkins Diet – but found it gross to get all my nutrition from mainly animal protein sources, and I do not believe that eliminating Carbohydrates will do any good. On the other side I was truly believing in whole-grains and “Good” carbs properly described in Yogic Books and supported by Food’s Glycemic Index studies. So many options – so many diets. But – on the other hand a lot of sources guiding you to go Gluten Free and eliminate whole grains and wheat.

Candida Die advises to start with very strict diet and eliminate all the foods which possibly causes allergies and intolerances. I omitted this step and did Food Intolerance tests – just to make sure that are the possible foods to avoid completely and which ones are tolerable.

My Food Intolerance List contained following allergic reactions:

Number 1 and 2 Allergy to: gluten (oats, barley, wheat etc.) , chicken egg, spirulina algae, cocoa beans

Number 3 Allergy (stronger intolerance): kiwi fruit, sunflower seeds, peanuts

Foods to avoid: milk (cow) products, eggs, yeast, glutten

So I had to opt for gluten free after all…

It was time for me to identify best for myself. I made a rough idea about the Goals I wanted to achieve:

1. To lower blood sugar (Dec’2010 – 5.08)

2. To eliminate Yeast from my diet

3. Limit Antibiotics intake (even the ones from non-organic red meat and chicken)

4. Limit and avoid as much as I can gluten

5. To have cow milk/products not more often than once a week

6. To consume foods law in GI Index

7. Opt for more organic products

It was it. Then seeing this Goals was easy to make a Food list, which helps me do my grocery shopping and even orders in restaurants:

Foods to avoid:

- Everything White: sugar/flour/rice

- Everything Sugar: fructose, sucrose, maltose etc.

- Gluten: barley, oats, wheat, kamut, rye

- Everything Eggs: including pastry, breads, and all the hidden eggs in some cereal/crisps or spreads

- Everything Yeast: including hidden yeast in bullion stocks and some supplements

- Some Fruits: melon, grape, orange, fruit juices

- Some nuts: pistachio (very high in mold) and peanuts (I am allergic to)

- Aged cheese

- Coffee, green tea

- Sunflower oil and seeds

- Mushrooms and truffles

- Cocoa Beans

- Vinegars all except for Apple Cider Vinegar

- Beer (high yeast and sugar contain)

- Soft drinks/energy drinks (I do not drink hem for more than year now but noted down just in case)

Foods to limit:

- Fruits – one per day

- Milk and Milk Products (from caw milk) – to limit to 1-2 per week preferably Organic (to omit antibiotics)

- Tomatoes

- Lentils

- Wine – pure sugar – so be cautious of drinking any alcohol

- Some veggies: pumpkin, turnips, beetroot, carrot

- Some Non-glutinous grains, like millet for its Medium Gl Index.

Food to enjoy:

- All vegetables raw or lightly cooked

- Avocadoes – stabilizes blood sugar

- Chicory root – stabilizes blood sugar and replaces coffee

- Goat/sheep Milk Products: cheeses, yogurts etc. But no to Aged Cheeses!

- Other equivalents of milk: almond, rice, quinoa

- Proteins: fish, beans, chicken, lamb, beef (but to limit red meat)

- Nuts and seeds: preferably soaked in water over night and/or dehydrated

- Non-glutinous grains: quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, wild and brown rice

- Oils: coconut, sesame, olive, almond, flax, pumpkin seed

- Herbal Teas: especially Pau D’Arco (for it anti fungal/parasites properties), Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Peppermint, Licorice, Lemongrass, Detox Herbs to support your guts

- Supplements: garlic, calcium, Vitex, Probiotics, Multi-Vits (I take for supporting my fertility function)

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